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[Hook: Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic]
Money (x29)

[Aesop Rock]
Money on my motherfucking mind
Cop five haircuts at the same time
White gold pants, Jet Ski made of wine
Foie gras bust of Albert Einstein
Get Money

[Rob Sonic]
Money out my motherfucking mouth
A mansion, a ranch, and a camp and a town
A motherfucking store with a floor made of scalps
Bobby from the block don't got rocks, he got Alps
Get Money

[Aesop Rock]
Money in the motherfucking jar
Shark fin pastry
Summers on Mars
Twenty motherfuckers in a levitating car
Seven-forty-seven full of women and cigars
Get money

[Rob Sonic]
Money in the motherfucking pot
A castle full of cars and the yard full of yachts
A leopard with a mink
And an arm full of clocks
All hand wound everyday by a Spock
Get money


[Verse 2]
[Aesop Rock]
Money is a motherfucking joke
Forty bald eagles sewn onto a coat
Zoo with the crib, mermaid in the moat
Buy another strip mall every eighth note
Get money

[Rob Sonic]
Money ain't a motherfucking prob
It's a sport I invented to win when I watch
And own all the rights and the lights and the locks
Even own all the ice in the Sprite you just dropped
Get money

[Aesop Rock]
Money or your motherfucking life
Two ton angel carved outta ice
Alligator sailboat, dollar sign eyes
Fill a warehouse full of Van Goghs twice
Get money

[Rob Sonic]
Money or your motherfucking heart
I could give it to my dog
He makes money when he barks
Or put it in my fridge
Or in one of my parks that i bought
So my robots could learn how to LARP
Get money

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