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Trap lord and I'm righteous
Cozy boy and I'm still reclinin
Bad bitch in manolo blahnik
I pump that ass like that colonic
Feel the bass and that beat knockin
Can't see my face, I'm beneath the stockin
Stop you nigga but the heat brolic
Get your head chopped like supersonic
Yamborghini in a Lamborghini
Margiela bitch in that red bikini
French bitch suck seven weewees
Ask Rock if you don't believe me
Mobbing hard with my mob
Trap lord the young god
ASAP we go hard
Brraaap boy in yo car
Lay flat boy, it's yo gun
Feeling like a task force with that chrome
Feeling like I'm Flex boy with that bomb (BOOM)
Tec spray like cologne
Better get that tec boy you're so gone
Hit him in the neck, jaw and his arm
You better not flex boy when I zone
Cause I draw guns like Crayons
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  • ASAP Mob - So Cold
  • A$AP Mob - So Cold

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