C-Mob - The Hard Way (feat. C. Ray & Jl B.Hood) текст песни

[Hook: Charlie Ray (2x)]
You will see the hard way
When you livin', it's not a game
This is our day
Come take a listen and hear the pain that you all take
Take for granted cause you ain't felt it
And damn it, don't need your help
Made and damaged by myself

[Verse 1: Charlie Ray]
Yeah, look at me as I live by, still side by
Real deal, when a strike won't feel
When I bite quite ill, in the night I kill
Bye bye, but they still when I fight
I'd fear for my life if I was you
I give to, shit's about to spice through you
I'm trying to gain, elaborate
You are just a light weight
Remember that you have never been the nicest crew
So I paid on mine, they gone late, lower they gon' fry
I'm harder to find than Leigh O'Brien
And I come up with the rhymes, then your patio die, quick
You lookin' at a dedicated group of individuals that's nothing
If a nigga get to reachin', I'ma get you know you're bluffin'
Nothing but a studio to put up all those pitiful
And I can see the bitch and you was technically frontin'
But fuck it, I'm over the late to the party
Damn it, homie I'm in here, now let's get it
Foul I spit it
Frown when I put the bars down
Did we kill 'em all?
Now I'm with it
I'll probably kill the rap game
While I'm in the bat cave
Laughin' cause these niggas are my packed confetti
Signals up, where the hell is Alfred?
Someone [?] fuck with your cat, we ready
Then I'm gone like yesterday
You should all bring your best to play
Fuckin' with C-Mob while the beat's on
Homie see what I bring when I bless the day
And you will get left with a breathless body
Reckless in this, you blessed your probably dead bitch
We don't trust shit
This is all day and with the best bits

[Hook: Charlie Ray (2x)]

[Verse 2: JL B. Hood]
I done been to rock bottom
Nigga had a fight for the life that I live
I fall and no sarcasm
Bustin' more mics, hard dicks in a condoms
Slow orgasms, slave in the modern
Since 07 was 7 inches away from the top
And I'm not afraid of the drop
I'm a villain from high land
I got 'em right where I wanted 'em
Everyone went for a rain, but light went stumblin'
I'm finna dark, damnin' out
Pro card crumblin'
(?) power, ready for the dope park
Run at 'em tired, so uninspired
But someone has sweared; I'm the coldest alive
But I won't be denied, I've been fought and I lie
I just hope I survive
Honestly, ain't gonna change things [?]
Probably be a thing, anything
If you count on me, I've been in the pain, (not on breed?)
Not a damn things on my brain
Let me change my aim when it lost that novelty
Took another loss, how awesome
Honorary thought to my nagging
Follow me, sleep, no apology
You don't even know about the half of the cost of reality, robbery
Got a nigga stressed out to the fully
Sit up and cut in a Trayvon hoodie
Life got a nigga like I'm dealin' with a bully
Beaten up, will I be livin' like god should be
Could be assigned
But it took me some time to get a hold of the concept
There's something divine
Keep scatterin' brains with then open mind
Do not be afraid of what you find

[Hook: Charlie Ray (2x)]

[Verse 3: C-Mob]
My mind's like an antrum
Undone, that's someone you should run from
Gotta stay sucka-free, fucka dum-dum
They be fallin' down like a bridge from London
We're the heroes of the rap game
Don't nobody give us a fat chain
I guess we're on some
They say all we need is one mic
But does a gun fight?
Fuck that, give me one gun
Killin' these cats, see these caps
These 59-50s, I'm pullin' this bat
That's how a venue reacts
If I get on the dope weed
That means it's finna be cracked
Cause we do it the hard way and makin' it sharp (plains?)
How we shine in the dark days
No games, it's never been an arcade
You will never make it if you soft, there's a parfait
In the mind where's card play
(Diam?), gotta cease that moment, be some
One that has overcome the ice
And every time the opposition tryna get on me, beats 'em
Teach 'em, no foolin' with this
Gon' block my shine like a lunar eclipse
I can be dark and all light if they're parkin' (no botch?)
You can watch how I knew to these bits
And the sooner we split
You will be noticin' how hard it is without me
I was built by struggle and pain
And forced to be reckon with no one would doubt me
That's one when the fake one see me
Comin' and pissin' in boots and coward
Mob, JL and C. Ray take it and we create a superpower

[Hook: Charlie Ray (2x)]
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