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Susan Are you looking forward to your trip to Canada, June?

Julie I can\'t wait to see Canada, Susan, but I\'m scared stiff of the journey. My husband insists on flying, but I want to sail. Planes make me nervous.

Susan There\'s nothing to be frightened of. How many planes fly across the Atlantic every day?

Julie I\'ve no idea. Hundreds, I suppose.

Susan And how often do you hear of a crash?... Once or twice a year?

Julie Yes, but aeroplanes fly so high and fast that once is enough.
Susan Look, there are more road casualties per day than air deaths per year. Air transport is really safe compared with road transport.

Julie I\'d still prefer to go by sea. Ships may not travel fast but at least you can relax. I\'d love a trip on a luxury liner like the Queen Elizabeth II.
Susan It\'s fine if you\'re a good sailor, but have you ever travelled far in a rough sea?
Julie No. I\'ve only been in a boat once. I sailed down the River Thames on a sightseeing tour... But in any case I\'d rather be sea-sick than dead.

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