GOLDHOUSE - All I Really Need текст песни

All my life,
I've been looking all over
for someone like you,
and i'm ready,
you know nobody moves the way you do,

cuz baby its a cruel world
only getting harder
like an elevator
it's ups and downs,
you get me like no other
you and me together
ride this rollercoaster
it's ups and downs

cuz all i really need is your love,
every night gotta feel your touch,
and everything around me fades out
when i'm with you like a dream that never stops
cuz i feel it every time we kiss
i'm so crazy for you
cuz all i really need is your love
your love

all the time,
baby when you need me
i'll be running to you,
cuz its easy,
to know you are the song to my radio

all i really need
all i really need
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