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The same reflections keeping me awake,
This sinking feeling forcing me to stay.
I try to keep myself preoccupied but I’m still here losing my mind.
The same thoughts running through my head,
I’m facing memories I thought were all dead.
Its taking everything to turn away,
Lies and regret choking everything.

Don\'t let me waste away; in these four walls I stay.

There’s nothing else that\'s left to do than sit around and think of you.
These nights get colder as we grow but soon the cracks begin to show.
I know you’re scared, I know it’s true.
But darling I will forget to remember you

So don’t hold on when I’m gone.
Just remember everything that you did wrong.
And feel the darkness creeping in.
My love is hollow, my love is thin.

Don\'t let me waste away; in these four walls I stay

Don\'t let me waste away.

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