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Sweat drips on his brow, the sun shines so brightly,
a mirage of a savior, a black avatar of rage sent from the shadow throne.

There was so much hope,
That he could be the one
to bring about justice
and an everlasting peace.

The boy is impressed, his dreams are in his grasp, to fly far away, and travel all the stars,
he sees all their lights, though he does not know that by his hand they shall be destroyed.

Misread prophecy
he was the child messiah
claimed by good and evil
which path will he take?
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  • Hoth - A Blighted Hope
  • Hoth - A Blighted Hope
  • Hoth - A Blighted Hope

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  • Hoth - A Blighted Hope Hoth - A Blighted Hope
    Band:Hoth Song:A Blighted Hope Album:Oathbreaker Year:2014 Country of origin:United ...
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