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It's over now, I know inside
No one will ever know
The sorry tale of Edward Hyde
And those who died
No one must ever know

They'd only see the tragedy
They'd not see my intent
The shadow of Hyde's evil
Will forever kill
The good that I had meant

Am I a good man?
Am I a mad man?
It's such a fine line
Between a good man and a...

Do you really think
That I would ever let you go?
Do you think I'd ever set you free?
If you do, I'm sad to say,
It simply isn't so.
You will never get away from me!

All that you are
Is a face in the mirror!
I close my eyes, and you'll disappear!

I'm what you face
When you face in the mirror!
Long as you live, I will still be here!

All that you are
Is the end of a nightmare!
All that you are is a dying scream!
After tonight,
I shall end this demon dream!

This is not a dream, my friend
And it will never end!
This one is the nightmare that goes on!
Hyde is here to stay,
No matter what you may pretend
And I'll flourish, long after you're gone!

Soon you will die,
And my memory will hide you!
You cannot choose but to loose control

You can't control me!
I live deep inside you!
Each day you'll feel me devour your soul!

I don't need you to survive,
Like you need me!
I'll become whole
As you dance with death!
And I'll rejoice
As you breathe your final breath!

For I'll live inside you forever!


With Satan himself by my side!


And I know that, now and forever,
They'll never be able to separate
Jekyll from Hyde!

Can't you see
It's over now?
It's time to die!

No, not I!
Only you!

If I die,
You die too!

You'll die in me,
I'll be you!

Damn you, Hyde!
Leave me be!

Can't you see,
You are me?

Deep inside!

I am you!
You are Hyde!

No - never!

Yes, forever!

God damn you, Hyde!
Take all your evil deeds,
And rot in hell!

I'll see you there, Jekyll!

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