Kaizers Orchestra - Faen i båten текст песни

Har du tatt faen i båten
må du ro han i land
Английский перевод:

Devil in the boat

If you took the devil on board, you must row him ashore

Explanation: It\'s boiling in Kenneth\'s head when he thinks about what position he brought himself into. He married the wrong woman, had a child with the wrong woman, kidnapped the child, and is now living on the run with a devil on his heels. And in addition, he basically plans outright human trafficking in Lahore with his criminal and gifted brother. Life has taken some strange twists for Kenneth. He is pretty stressed out, but still highly motivated and sharpened. To keep the fire burning, he constantly proclaims to himself that: If you took the devil on board, your job is to row him ashore ...
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  • Kaizers Orchestra - Faen i båten
  • Kaizers Orchestra - Faen i båten

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