Seven Days of Samsara - Panienka Panienka Idz Do Nieba Przynysh Mi Bochenka Chleba текст песни

what's the worst that can happen? all we've got is two months so let's make it count. i've lost six and now i'm done missing out. what's the worst that could happen compared to two months of constant joy. sixty-one days of constant smiles could outweigh a year of constant heartache while you're six hours away but i'm talking about things that have never been and i won't let that happen again. in this far fetched reality, i tend to live where everything always ends up alright. it's always happily ever after, but you and me never opened the book. how are we supposed to know what happens to the frog? ladybug, ladybug, fly up to heaven and bring me back a loaf of bread or just one kiss. just one kiss.
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