Smokie Norful - Dear God текст песни

It feels so good to make it this far
And i didn`t think i could take it so long
There were days i wanted to quit
I said surely this is it
But i held on
And i watched as so called friends turn and walk away
It hurt so much i didn`t have words to say
But even when my day turns to nite and nothin seems just rite
Lord i thank u for for my life

For my life lord i thank u
For every victory in u ive seen
And all the moments i know it was u who kept me
So i thank u for for my life

Verse 2
And i watched you take my family from there to here
And when times where a lil ruff god i know u were near
And the moments i thot i fail i was reminded of your nails
So i held on
And if i never live to see another day
There is nothing i would change or take away

Ive had so many ups
That they far out way my downs
Lord i thank u for my life

(bac up top to chorus)

Verse 3
I realized some didn`t make it..
I couldve been one of the ones who lost my way
And there was times lord i knw i almost went crazy
But im still here with my life

(bac up top!)

Itr may not be all that i hope for
And every dream has not yet been realized
And to see your face one day god
I knw its all gonna be worht it


Verse 4
So i thank u
Thank u for every mt. every valley god every thing u brought me thru
Thank u!
I knw i knw it was u
Jus wanna take the time to say thank u jesus for my life. send "dear god" ringtone to your cell .
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