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The Thorn of Abundance drowns me in the nectar of the ultimate evil,
in which the human dies and the demon awakens.
Between demolished graves and burned crosses at gods field,
as of where the Evil Eye tells the future.
No salvation visible,
the holy water undrinkable to those with a soul,
that has not been woven in a web of hell.
The Dark One approaches me with the Chalice of Oblivion,
of which I drink and makes me invincible.
If I leave the mercy of mankind to the Devilish Word,
lee will die at the end of the rainbow.
No treasure for you as promised,
just a deep wound in the cosmos.
When the magic dies with you,
and those that lick the ass of god,
hope their enemy does not inherit this power.


Priest, behold my mount, the Wind of Death,
that leaves rotting ruins.
Priest, behold my mantle, the mantle full of mould,
that makes the angels puke.
Priest, behold my ring, the Eye of Lucifer,
that burns you to the cross.
Priest, see my face and feel that god surrenders,
to blackened light.
Priest, feel my poisonous dagger in your heart,
because of which your god leaves you,
and you gladly embrace me with open arms.

I am now your Master,
let us kill.


With my fists I wipe the smirk off your face,
pull the chains tighter.
Screaming in inhuman harmony,
below the surface lies your existence.
One who kneels and confesses in front of the grave of his work,
architecture through weapons and loneliness.
He who slits his wrists,
before the silence of the church.
Regret for a murder,
that brought fertility into the green realm.
For you a grave,
deep in the sea, overboard.
No voice heard,
as my goal is also preacher.


I want to see gold or I end your life.
Instead of gods prediction,
eternal blue sky and open field.
There I lay, stripped bare,
by spite and hatred the last bell rings.
When I'm inprisoned,
and create a universe within two hands.
Finally all of us.
Monks cloth in a chest and I dance around you,
and call forth a shadow against the graves.
The moon paints me black,
as I yank Maria from your grave.
He nails break when the cross cracks,
and the tomb on which I stand awakens.
Opens her depth.


When the sledgehammer turns the boulders to rubble,
and when your carcass gleams in the light of night.
When I take your bones,
after I killed you.
The black hen keeled where the black cat hangs,
there the spirits follow my word and will.
Where lust replaces love and booze isn't spilt.
The shadow offers me a chalice,
in which I drown myself.
For me and the anger to sink,
and all life to wither.


The aesthetic Light, the primordial source of life,
disappears in the water's surface.
Cold shadows are but empty sorcery,
Shimmers of nightly wonder freeze the magic arts.
The merged with the gifts of the Gods,
they show their mantles made of star silk.
There, crystals only reflect darkness,
cursed are the stones that took my real power.
The path through the night vanished and the traces are erased,
Wisdom will create wonders on these paths.
Everything is frozen,
light shines no more.
Everything has risen above the fields of consciousness,
beyond the boundaries of immortality.


Through sorrowful streams and forgotten wells of wounds,
I will search for the keys that will open hidden gates for me.
Bring me the visions of past days.
Old, forgotten wells and clouds of fog,
the images race through my blood like a black spell.
For the pure souls, gates will open,
whose keys and powers lie in the faint light of the stars.
The glimmer of nightly wonder,
old crystals guide the way.
An age will pass like a shadow's whispering.
Where the paths go will only be seen,
through the eyes of a frozen, heavenly realm and her eternal coldness.
The aesthetic Light will dissolve into fog,
the shadow of her spirit will shine over the borders of infinity.
The limitlessness,
that hides behind the mortality of entities.
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