02 - Inexist - Fashion Death текст песни

A man was craved for money all the times
And he could do everything for it
But nowdays this bias
Overstepped all lines of decensy

Small creature roamed around the hills
Looked for female in the woods
Suddenly something flapped him for worse
And his hide was expended for fur

Hey Madam, quite enough fun
The glasses of wine, edmirers are here
I want you to choke down the caviar
For you to know worth of luxury

Was a businessman, was very wealth
Was honest, paid taxes (to treasury
But someone disliked for his grip and his vim
No longer can live, decided within)

The prise for his life less then for car
At home there are child, the wife and comfort
Someone can say it is a new natural selection
But It's difficult for me to live with you, people

I never thought that: it could be real!
But i forgot that: world lives with deals...
Now i am asking why:
for money; is it fashion to die?
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