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People get ready there\'s a limousine comin\'
People get ready there\'s a limousine comin\'
Don\'t need no baggage, just a pair of funky shoes
You know you\'re ready when you paid your membership dues
To take you to the country club
Bring your golf clubs & your tennis racquet too
We\'ll bang a few balls
cause we\'re singing the Beverly Hills Blues
Beverly Hills
Walkin\' down Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
There\'s a Gucci store, it\'s open late
Beverly Hills
Japanese men buying things they don\'t need
Beverly Hills
So, so expensive for no need
Couldn\'t start my Porsche
Couldn\'t start my Mercedes Benz
Had to call up one of my German friends
Listen very carefully you can hear credit cards sliding
out of their wallets right now
There goes your Visa, your Mastercard, your American
All that great, great American excess
feel the money go beyond your credit
Oh you\'ll have to pay one day but not right now
come on baby, Beverly Hills, oh you gotta love it somehow
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