Dyster - Sick and Tired of Life текст песни

My life is a way I\'ve been forced to choose
and everyday is the sign of dizzyness and disgust
I\'ve stop to wait for any emotional comfort
or any reason to stay here for a long time ago

sick and tired of life

hunted, rejected as a rotten carrion
I\'ve ever give up any hope to appreciate anything
\'cause forever I\'ve to wander alone as a ghost
\'cause every good thing which happened to me is lost

sick and tired of life

I can just scream and cry in my hole
rejecting my feelings, flooded with sadness and hatred
and remembering everytime that I am alone
erased and useless, ready to disappears

sick and tired of life

I am a cockroach crawling in the filth
haunted by sad memories, I sink in a sea of torment
I\'m waiting for the moment when I fanally die alone.
I am worst than an underdog
worst than nothing, completely erased
worst than nothing

sick and tired of life
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