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Close your eyes
Try to see the stars
I am not the one you\'re sure of

Go to the shop and choose a new life
I\'ll try to buy it for you

Spin around
But don\'t go blind
My shadow always finds you

Try to feel the air
And throw down
Old clothes
That keeps you burdened

I have to say
That I don\'t mind
If you still send me letters

Don\'t draw this place
In black and white
And free your hands from fetters

Go to the roof top
I\'ll walk you out
You\'re not the one I\'m sure of

Give me a favour
I am losing time
You try to buy it for me

Come backstage
It\'s not so loud
Your shadow always finds me

Give me your weapon
And I throw down
Old clothes that
Keep me burdened

You think will be
What your eyes want to see
But you\'re losing control
You will lose after all

Time is moving too fast
Putting you through a test
But you think it\'s not true
Cos\' it\'s boring to you

All that happens around
All these covers surround
Make you go back and forth
Make you go back and forth

Sun is drifting away
But you thought it would stay
You just wait till it comes
You just wait till it comes
Another day
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  • Eimic - Fetters
  • Everything is made in china - Fetters
  • Eimic - Fetters

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  • EIMC - Fetters EIMC - Fetters
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