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Check this out
Niggas try to play me
Because I\'m some little nigga
They be trying to act like a nigga ain\'t from the 90s
Word to J
Nigga we out here
East Flatbush My nigga
Keep playing me like I ain\'t from the fucking 90s
I\'m tired of playing nice with you mother fuckers
It\'s Aladeen

I tear the roof off this bitch
Because a nigga rap lines
Get the roof from your bitch
Gotta kill the wack rhymes
Put the noose to your lips
Oh you\'re close to the edge?
Get the boot off the cliff
This ain\'t for airwaves or the place that sell disc
This is for that hip-hop all the niggas said I switched
Shake the game long term because I keep it low pitched
Bitch, I\'m about to blow like A-toms that split
Dropping bombs underground and these niggas is middle east
They play them on the radio to keep you off me
Thank God for the net
Now they can\'t get rid of me
I don\'t know about that but this is conspiracy
This is the homeless nigga parked on the ave
Across from 740 and he came up on a gat
About to creep up on Koch
That\'s until he looks back
Put the burner is his face, like give me all the cash
See I\'m tired of playing nice
Because that\'s when they show their vice
In a room full of fake smiles
You shook my hand I seen the knife
You can\'t buy me
Nigga, fuck your price
Anybody can get it
Nigga, fuck your life
I ain\'t really a block boulder
Pack toaster
But I am really a mac holder
Blast on ya
With a 16 or more
Leave your 16\'s in 4\'s
I\'m a star
I\'m gonna blow like it\'s 1604
So let me break it down
I\'m gonna get up on some real shit
All you wack critics can suck my dick
They be like
He sounds like Logic
No, he sounds like Joey
No, he sounds like
Shut the fuck up and blow me
And please don\'t ask about that track with Nehru
See, shit was all good and then he started acting new
But let me keep it real
I\'m really loving all your tunes
But that don\'t mean shit
Nigga, you target practice too
And this isn\'t a diss
But if you really want to move
I\'ll play two quarters
You\'re the elephant in the room
You\'re out of your element
Your gonna end up in a tomb
Niggas know I\'m the nicest
And it\'s evident
Here\'s the proof
The city\'s on the loose
The youngins got the juice
It\'s a new New York
Nigga let me introduce
Troy off the ave
The zombies
And that nigga Astro spazz
The era
Ronnie B
Under achieve
Black D
Dillon C
And the rebel nigga peace
Did you notice
I only said the era
Because there\'s only one mother fucking pro of this era

From Brooklyn
So Kane is like grand pop
Big is like unk pop
And Jay is like my real pop
And you taught me almost everything I know
So I love you but if it I must I will bring it to your head pop
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