HDBeenDope - PHeace Be The Journey (Full Album by EYSED) текст песни

HDBeenDope - PHeace Be The Journey (Album) (2016)
1.HDBeenDope - Intro
2.HDBeenDope - Yellow Goose
3.HDBeenDope - Everything Changed
4.HDBeenDope - Show Money!
5.HDBeenDope - Back Home
6.HDBeenDope - Count Your Blessings
7.HDBeenDope - Post Conventional (Feat. Thutmose)
8.HDBeenDope - Not Yet
9.HDBeenDope - You Ain\'t Poppin\'
10.HDBeenDope - Love (Interlude)
11.HDBeenDope - Pressure
12.HDBeenDope - WYD
13.HDBeenDope - Dumb
14.HDBeenDope - Forever (skit)
15.HDBeenDope - Outro (Forever)
16.HDBeenDope - Macy\'s Joint
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