Morph - InseminoidCast02 текст песни


!!!SYNTHAKT- Inseminoid (originalMix)!!!

SwitchTechnique - Intelligence
PeterKurten - Drill
TheDjProducer & Deathmachine - 10 years of Influence
SwitchTechnique - Methylated Dreams
The Teknoist - Prototype for a ninja Nekromaniak feat. Homeboy
LucioDeRimanez- Frolic
DeanRodell - Species Function
Masheen- Frozen Nature
ForbiddenSociety - Maniac Circle
Kahtarsys - Reptiles
I:Gor - Icebreaker (Counterstrike Rmx)
TheOutsideAgnecy - The Solution
Satan & DeadPhantoms - OtherWorld
Micromakine - Meet the Psycho
Peter Kurten - Fucking Basstard

INSEMINOID Austrian Drum and Bass Collective
NEXT INSEMINOID CAST by SYNTHAKT prepare for it , it will be HUGE!!!

check also---> PSYTUBE.AT were you can find this one and tonnes of music
recorded on 2x 1000MK3 & Allen&HEATH Xone62

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