Napalm Death - Incinerator (Slaughter cover) текст песни

Make way for the Incinerator...

In suits they were dressed,
when the button was pressed
they fed upon semen,
the governments a demon
they left us bleeding and sore,
in the hands of the incinerator

In the bible we looked
while our cities all cooked
the mutants didn`t learn
towards Satan they turned
while the wind ripped and tore
from the wrath of the incinerator


wood for a feast
when you expect it least
didn`t learn from the past
to nuclear war we`re cast...

And now the molds cast from
mistakes of the past
we`re all melting in this
hot cauldron of sin
and through all his
blood and gore comes the
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  • Napalm Death - 2. - Incinerator (Slaughter cover) (1999 - Leaders Not Followers)
  • Napalm Death - Incinerator (Slaughter cover)
  • ...2 - deathcore

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