Ragatmika - 9. There Every Step Is a Dance (feat. Bhakti Caitanya Swami) текст песни

Transcendental Sound.

It\'s coming from another world. It\'s not coming from this world. We are living in this world, we know all about this world. This is the mundane, material world. People are running around, so much stress and strain, so much anxiety. So the sound of this world, it also reflects that. That sound does not feed our hearts. That sound doesn\'t feed our souls. But rather that sound, it drains our hearts, it drains our minds.

But this transcendental sound, this is coming from another world. It\'s coming from a different world, where everything is very beautiful. Everything is very wonderful. Actually, everything there is perfect. That is the nature of transcendental sound. In that spiritual, transcendental world, there all the water tastes like nectar. There, every step is a dance. Every word is a song.

Here in this world, also, we sing. But in that spiritual world, that eternal, transcendental world, there the ordinary talking is like our best singing. The ordinary walking is like our very best dancing. The ordinary water is like our very, sweetest nectar.

So what is their nectar like? What is it like when they dance, and when they sing? So...

Then flowers closed up. So our hearts, they are in that closed up condition within this world. This is something most amazing. Something that we have not had experience of so far. But, through this medium of transcendental sound, of spiritual sound, then our hearts and our minds, they can gradually tune in, and link up to that transcendental realm. Actually, that transcendental realm is present within our hearts. But when we are in material consciousness, then it\'s like our hearts are closed.

Just like when you have a flower, in its very early stages. But, by the influence of transcendental sounds, then our hearts can open, our consciousness can open. And when our consciousness opens up, then we start to have some direct contact with that other world, which is there, within our hearts.

So, this is what this human form of life is actually for. This human form of life is not just for running around like a rat, in the rat race. That\'s not the goal of life! That\'s not the goal of life!

Surely, we are meant for something better than that. Something higher than that. So, this human form of life is intended as a facility to tune in. To tune in to that transcendental realm, which is there within each and every living entity\'s heart. To tune in, and then, ultimately to go there, and live there, and be there eternally.

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  • Ragatmika - 9. There Every Step Is a Dance (feat. Bhakti Caitanya Swami)
  • Ragatmika - There Every Step Is a Dance (feat. Bh.Caitanya Swami)

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