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A.L. Lloyd sings The Lover\'s Ghost
“You\'re welcome home again,” said the young man to his love,
“I\'ve been waiting for you many a night and day.
You\'re tired and you\'re pale,” said the young man to his dear,
“You shall never again go away.”

“I must go away,” she said, “when the little cock do crow
For here they will not let me stay.
Oh but if I had my wish, oh my dearest dear,” she said,
“This night should be never, never day.”

“Oh pretty little cock, oh you handsome little cock,
I pray you do not crow before day.
And your wings shall be made of the very beaten gold
And your beak of the silver so grey.“

But oh this little cock, this handsome little cock,
It crew out a full hour too soon.
“It\'s time I should depart, oh my dearest dear,“ she said,
“For it\'s now the going down of the moon.“

“And where is your bed, my dearest love,“ he said,
“And where are your white Holland sheets?
And where are the maids, oh my darling dear,” he said,
“That wait upon you whilst you are asleep?”

“The clay it is my bed, my dearest dear,” she said,
“The shroud is my white Holland sheet.
And the worms and creeping things are my servants, dear,” she said,
“That wait upon me whilst I am asleep.”
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