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The band in black, we where our heartache on our sleeve
A house of horrors for all the world to see
When we’re feeling into deep, we can keep our souls from burning
By the skin of our teeth

So get that old tyme religion in yer life
Go out moon dancing ‘neath the beat red colored sky
When yer feeling like a sheep, just a cog in the machine
Boy, ya best get to believin!

So are you scared yet?
No, you\'ve never been a God fearin\' man
You\'re not dead just yet
How could death be any worse

You took the last train out of town
It was the last time the sun went down
It was the eve of the apocalypse
The hands of the clock stopped tickin\'

You were a mother with a child
You left a shadow on the wall
Caught underneath the rubble
o, the hair of the dog

You\'re out swimmin\' in the fire
Dancin\' in the flood
Tryin\' to chase off the scent of the devil you were
Nowhere to go when that pendulum come \'round
Watch your head the axe is comin\' down!

Now we’re stomp, stomp, stompin out the fire
Hoping daylight will come soon
We’re goin out firewalkin
‘Neath a blood red moon
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