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It all begins in party rush
I saw your dress all beaming light
My bloodstream kicked the instant crush
Heart started beating in delight

I said “hello”, and saw You smile
The cutest thing I\'ve ever seen
And after drinking for a while
I knew your heart belonged to me

Your beautiful and slender legs
Are twined around my body
We\'re in the back seat of the cab,
Let\'s leave this sinner\'s party

And in the arm of Baltic Gulf
We\'ll wait for Summer weather
We’ll spend a week, or maybe half
And then we\'ll live forever

We\'ll be toghether hand in hand
With love, that we will never left
One day you\'ll choose our wedding\'s band
And You\'ll be witness of my death

We\'ll see the lights of Baltic Gulf
We\'ll see the Summer weather
We’ll spend a life, or maybe half
And then we\'ll die together

Back in the woods two frozen graves
Layed down on hills of sadness
December snow erased our steps
I guess, it\'s how this story ends

It\'s clear that this amazing end
Could be the way I told you
If I had messages to send
Or will to ever call you
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