Von Bonneville - Cards With The Devil (Jarhead 3: The Siege OST) текст песни

One hand washes the other
One eye open when I sleep
One thing leads to another
One\'s sleeping six feet deep
Two faces in the mirror
The two rights erase the wrong
Two choices which one\'s clearer?
Do I fight or do I run?

I played cards with the devil
I made a bet with a ghost
I made sure they\'ll never
Find the cure for a crooked soul

I see nothing but black clouds
I\'m in the eye of a storm
I been rurning on a tightrope
But I\'ve got the beat by the hornes
In this town, blood is like water
In this place, nothing\'s for free
And i\'m tangled in it\'s web
Come on kiss the best of me
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